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Heroin Rehab

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are over 4.2 million Americans that try heroin. Around 23 percent of those people become addicted to it. This derivative of the opium poppy is one of the most addictive substances on the market today. Although it has medical applications in the form of morphine, it is most common in its illegal opiate form. In this form it is inhaled, smoked, or injected, all three of these carry health risks and the risk of addiction. Addiction to heroin is known as chronic and reoccurring, it is characterized by uncontrolled drug seeking behavior. People do this to the detriment of their lives, their home, and their families.

There is however, a way out. There are both traditional treatments and holistic treatments for heroin addiction.

Types of Treatment

holistic heroin rehab

Holistic rehab centers will determine what treatment methods will work best for your heroin recovery.

Heroin addiction has many treatments. Some of these treatments are inpatient requiring the addict to stay at a residential facility while other treatments are outpatient where the addict attends sessions, sometimes daily. Inpatient and outpatient treatments have several key differences.

  • Inpatient heroin treatment:
    • is intensive, lasting approximately 2 to 12 weeks. It may last longer depending on the needs of the addict.
    • involves counseling, holistic therapies, behavioral therapy, and sometimes medication assisted therapy.
    • is for addicts who:
      • need constant supervision to keep them from returning to the drug are best suited for this treatment,
      • have triggers in the community and at home that causes relapse,
      • need heavy medication to overcome acute withdrawal and addiction, or
      • have another coinciding condition that needs to be closely monitored,
    • may lead to outpatient treatment after the addicts crisis phase passes.
  • Outpatient heroin treatment:
    • usually starts with daily visits to a doctor or clinic for treatment,
    • after the addiction is under control visits may continue on a weekly or monthly basis.
    • visits may go on indefinitely if continuing counseling, medication assisted therapy, and holistic treatments are required.
    • is for addicts who are:
      • employed and need to keep their employment,
      • have family who need care or do not know about drug abuse,
      • do not have triggers in the community, or
      • are able to keep from relapsing even at home.

Most therapies are available on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Holistic therapies can accompany both inpatient and outpatient heroin rehab.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

Heroin is said to infect the body, mind, and soul, this is why it destroys a person’s entire life and is extremely difficult to beat. Many people turn to holistic therapies as an answer. Holistic treatment combines all of the aspects of a person to provide complete healing. Heroin addiction inflicts the:

  • body – in the form of physical symptoms such as withdrawal,
  • mind – in the form of cravings, anxiety, and depression, and
  • spirit – in the form of inner restlessness, loss of morality, and eventual loss of trust and family.

Holistic treatment seeks to heal all of these. In order to successfully break the heroin addiction, each of these concerns must be addressed. There are many benefits to holistic treatment. A few of these benefits are:

  • alternatives to harsh and sometimes addictive medications,
  • faster relief of pain,
  • more alternatives to traditional pain relief,
  • balance in life and health,
  • better diet leads better all over health,
  • treatments and lifestyle changes to end addiction by treating the cause of it,
  • physical, mental, and spiritual awareness of things around you,
  • natural resources such as herbal medicine,
  • healing of the whole body and life rather than just a piece of it,
  • addressing goals beyond simply addiction and withdrawal relief, and
  • combined treatments to heal the whole body.

These are only a few of the benefits of holistic heroin treatment. Part of the way that holistic treatment works is it is individualized. The types of treatment reflect an individual’s needs rather than trying to tailor an individual’s addiction to a program.

Should I Choose Holistic Treatment?

According to the American Psychological Association, many treatment types such as dietary supplements and meditation already widely accepted by doctors and are used in addiction programs all over the United States. Whether you should choose holistic treatment for heroin addiction or not depends on your circumstances as well as the options you have available. Some reasons that people choose to add holistic treatment to their overall treatment programs are:

  • they want to combine holistic treatments with their current therapies,
  • they have tried other treatments and found that they need more help than what is conventionally available. Holistic treatment is often looked at as an last resort but it does not have to be.
  • they want treatment that sees them as a whole person. Holistic treatment for heroin addiction focuses on healing all aspects of a person not just the physical and mental symptoms of addiction.
  • holistic treatments are recognized along with traditional methods of treatment by an increasing number of healthcare organizations, doctors, researchers, and treatment centers.

Holistic treatments are easily combined with the more traditional therapies. Many people wonder whether holistic treatments are right for them or not. Each person should choose the treatment that fits his or her goals and desires.

How Long Will Heroin Treatment Take?

There is no set timeline for heroin treatment. As with any illness and treatment, the length of treatment depends on the individual’s addiction. Most traditional treatment programs start with a 30 day program. This program covers acute withdrawal and the beginning of therapy. There are also 60 and 90 day programs. Holistic treatments are lifelong changes in habits and perceptions. Most traditional and holistic counselors agree that the length of heroin treatment depends on the length of time it takes to for you to recover. There is no set length to any treatment.

The treatment length depends your effort and desire to stop the addiction and recover your life. Some people are determined to go through treatment quickly, but it is important to remember that there are no shortcuts. Most people who try to take shortcuts end up in relapse or worse overdose. It took time to form an addiction to heroin, it takes time to completely recover from addiction to heroin.

What to Expect in Heroin Treatment

There are several stages to heroin treatment. It is always comforting to know what to expect when undergoing any treatment. You can expect:

  • Detox – people consider this the worst part of heroin treatment. The detox process is the process of getting all of the heroin out of your system. You with the help of your doctor and holistic practitioners will end the physical part of addiction. As you rid your body of toxins and heroin, you may experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, and other symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Therapy and healing – during this portion of heroin treatment, you will regain your life. Through counseling, therapy, and other holistic methods, you will learn how to either avoid or deal with situations that might cause you to relapse. In this way you will break the hold heroin has on your mind.
  • Recovery – during this portion you learn how to develop healthy habits and relationships. In recovery, you continue care and holistic practices rebuilding your life. This is the way you will break the hold that heroin has on your spirit.

Different treatment methods have different methods but in holistic or combined therapies, these are the main portions. There are many treatment options in holistic therapy. Exactly what to expect during treatment depends on the aspects you want to address.

What Does Heroin Treatment Cost? Is Insurance Accepted?

The cost of holistic and traditional heroin treatment depends on the treatment facility. There are two primary types of treatment and three levels of treatment in each.

  • Inpatient heroin treatment is treatment in a facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    • Luxury inpatient heroin treatment – this type of treatment is in a luxury facility. These facilities have beautiful settings, luxury accommodations, and many other extras. They can cost anywhere between $5,000 dollars a day up to hundreds of thousands per month.
    • Mid-range inpatient heroin treatment – this type of treatment is in a private facility that may have some amenities but less than luxury rehab facilities. On average these rehab treatment centers cost between $1,000 and $5,000 per day depending on the facility.
    • Low or state funded heroin inpatient treatment – these facilities have no amenities and are normally plagued by overcrowding and long waitlists. These facilities are normally income based.
  • Outpatient heroin treatment facilities provide treatment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They do not provide overnight treatment. Outpatient treatment costs range depending on the service. Normally there is a fee for each service and as with inpatient programs the costs range depending on the type of treatment and service. Some outpatient treatment services are also state funded.

Both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities accept insurance. It is important to check with both your insurance company and your chosen facility to make sure treatment is covered and the facility accepts your insurance.

Where Should I Go for Help?

There are many places you can go to for help. The hard part is choosing to stop using. If you need help you can:

  • talk to a doctor,
  • go to a hospital,
  • call a rehab center,
  • speak with your insurance carrier, and
  • ask family and friends.

Each of these people and places are willing to help you on the way to recovery. According to the National Institute on Drug abuse recovery does not have to be voluntary. If someone that you love is suffering from heroin addiction, you can use these resources to obtain help for your loved one.

Heroin Recovery, What Happens Next?

In recovery, what happens next is up to you. After you research the recovery options, speak with a counselor or holistic practitioner about how to best accomplish your treatment goals. As with any addiction, the hard part of heroin treatment is deciding to quit. Then it is just a matter of considering which treatment course is best for you. There are a multitude of programs and therapies available to help you onto the road to recovery.

Are You Ready for Help?

Are you tired of your heroin addiction ruining your life? Only you can make the decision that it is time to get the help you need. Break the cycle of addiction and get help now.

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